Mobility Scooters

Whether you suffer from an injury, chronic medical conditions, or mobility issues as you age, mobility scooters are one of the best ways to maintain mobility and independence. Mobility scooters allow users with limited or no mobility to continue with regular activities. All without the dependence on support from others.

Owning a mobility scooter opens up a world of possibilities! One where you can enjoy all life has to offer without constant concern about transportation due to limited mobility.

Mobility scooters are available in many different shapes, sizes, and types. The variety allows users to choose which type of scooter best meets their needs and individual anticipated usage. In general, mobility scooters break down into the following categories: 3-Wheel Mobility Scooters, 4-Wheel Mobility Scooters, All-Terrain Mobility Scooters, and Folding Mobility Scooters.

Different Types of Mobility Scooters

3-Wheel Mobility Scooters

3-Wheel mobility scooters are a popular choice amongst many mobility scooter users looking for a scooter that will operate best indoors. The three wheeled options have a tighter turning radius compared to the four-wheel turning radius. This is due to the wheel configuration of two in the back and one in the front.

A tighter turning radius is a real benefit for indoor use. Having a tighter turning radius will allow users to quickly maneuver in crowded places, such as entryways and corners.

4-Wheel Mobility Scooters

4-Wheel mobility scooters have a larger turning radius than 3-Wheel scooters. As such, this type of scooter is more popular amongst users who anticipate using their scooter in outdoor places, such as parks and neighborhoods. Though the turning radius is not as tight as a 3-Wheel scooter, the additional 4th wheel adds needed stability for various types of terrains, such as uneven terrains like gravel or concrete.

These scooters can still be used indoors as well, making them a popular choice amongst people who want a scooter for both indoor and outdoor usage. 4-Wheel mobility scooters provide the best of both worlds for an all-around scooter option.

All-Terrain and Heavy-Duty Mobility Scooters

For users who anticipate primarily outdoor usage, full-size mobility scooters are a prime choice. Due to their larger size, they’re great for accommodating larger people as they generally have a higher maximum weight capacity.

These types of scooters are suitable for longer distances and more uneven terrain types. Some larger road scooters are legal to use on the roads and can reach maximum speeds of 8mph. All-terrain mobility scooters are not easily transportable, however, they allow you to explore more places!

Folding Mobility Scooters

Folding mobility scooters, or travel scooters, are easy to transport. Hence, they are popular amongst mobility scooter riders that want to be able to frequently travel with their scooter. Their design allows them to easily fold up and save space when transporting in a car or plane. They’re made with lightweight materials which help increase the ease of transport.

Folding or travel mobility scooters are the best choice for people who need to be able to frequently bring their scooter wherever they go. Within the folding mobility scooter category, there are a variety of different types, some of which have automatic folding capabilities, while others operate manually.

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