EWheels EW-20 Sporty Mobility Scooter


  • Turn Radius of 53 inches
  • Maximum Speed of 15 mph
  • 21 Mile Travel Range
  • 300 Pound Weight Capacity
  • Weight- 128 pounds
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EWheels EW-20 Sporty Mobility Scooter

The Ewheels EW-20 Mobility Scooter is a scooter truly built to last. With the ability to go up to 15 miles per hour and last you 21 miles per charge on a variety of terrains. With full speed control there is a built-in switch for a chosen setting of low, medium, or high. Striving to make its user feel safe and comfortable.  

The Scooter does not stop at looks and mobility but strives for the small victories to win its consumer over. This scooter comes equipped with a place for all your things to be stored safely. Including a built-in charging port for a USB. As well as adjustability, not only with speed but equipped with a large swivel seat giving you full control and perspective.

With a warranty of 3 years, EWheels is confident in the quality of their products and make of their scooters. Giving you time for wear and tear and to love it 100%.

EWheels EW-20 Mobility Scooter Features

Weight Capacity- An all inclusive scooter giving you a large weight range of up to 300 pounds offering a wide availability to a wide range of people. 

Speed and Distance- A scooter that goes the distance and gets the job done. Reaching a controllable and manageable speed of 15 miles per hour and lasting you up to 25 miles per charge!

Turning Radius- An easy to maneuver and an easy to get around scooter, with a turning radius of 53 inches this scooter gets you where you need to go. Making it easy to get through crowds of people and go through doorways.

Lighting Package- Want to ride your mobility scooter at night? As if it couldn’t get better, the EW-20 comes equipped with LED Front and Rear Lights, Turn Signals and Brake Lights.

Built In- With a built in USB port and electronic holder your options are endless and portability just became that much easier! Allowing you to charge your devices on the go.

EWheels EW-20 Review

EWheels EW-20 Dimensions and Warranty

Dimensions- 55” x 26” x 38” (LxWxH)

Floor Clearance- 7”

Batteries- 48v 12 AH SLA Sealed

Front tire size- 4” x 12”

Rear tire size- 4” x 11”

Charger- 48volt Smart Charger Included

Rear Storage Basket with Top- 11″x20″x10 DxWxH

Scooter Weight- 128lbs

Warranty- Limited 3 Year Warranty

Additional information

Weight 128 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 26 × 38 in

Black, Red



Maximum Speed

15 MPH

Miles Per Charge

21 Miles

Number of Wheels

3 Wheels

Warranty Length

3 Years

1 review for EWheels EW-20 Sporty Mobility Scooter

  1. Mark

    I picked this scooter because I wanted to be able to go fast. I really like the speediness of the scooter and the sporty design. This scooter is a breeze and super fun to ride. I wanted a scooter I could right in the dark night time hours because I like to ride around with my wife at the park or boardwalk. The lighting on this scooter is very bright and will help you see easy at night. 10/10 on this high quality scooter.

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