Electric Wheelchairs

Another popular option for people with mobility concerns are electric wheelchairs. Both mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs have their pros and cons, thus, the choice will come down to individual needs and preferences. In general, electric wheelchairs are often best for more severe mobility concerns or disabilities.

Though like mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs differ in a few ways. They offer more adjust-ability for those with specific disabilities or needs. Power wheelchairs operate with a joystick-type control, which offers more control for those with extremely limited hand or arm strength.

On the other hand, mobility scooters operate using a tiller, which may require slightly more upper body strength. Electric wheelchairs offer more adjustable seating options and a tighter turning radius, which is helpful for those needed to maneuver around a house.

Different Types of Electric Wheelchairs

Portable Wheelchairs

Travel portable wheelchairs assemble and disassemble easily. The more compact size of these travel portable wheelchairs, compared to full-size electric wheelchairs, allows users to enjoy their scooter on-the-go.

Most travel portable wheelchair models come with lightweight components to make transportation easier. The portable action of these wheelchairs means they will easily fit in the trunk of a car or can even travel with you by plane!

Heavy-Duty Wheelchairs

For larger or heavier riders, high weight capacity wheelchairs offer extra structural support and allow for increased maximum weight capacity. These electric wheelchairs are extra durable and supportive.

The weight capacity of these heavy-duty wheelchairs will differ depending on the model and manufacturer, but there is sure to be one for you no matter what your needs are! Many models also offer extra-wide Capitan’s seats for additional comfort for larger riders.

Elevating Wheelchairs

Elevating power wheelchairs provide users with a power elevating seat. For those unable to stand or walk, elevating seats can allow riders to experience eye-level interaction with other people who are standing. Even better, the elevating seat function allows them to reach higher places easily, such as high shelves or cabinets.

Elevating wheelchairs are popular amongst people with permanent disabilities or mobility limitations. These types of wheelchairs are one of the most amazing technologies available to help promote independence for those facing mobility challenges.

Folding Wheelchairs

Folding powered wheelchairs are extra lightweight. Most models weigh less than 60 pounds. Although, individual folding wheelchair models will vary. This type of wheelchair is best for those who need a lightweight option which can quickly fold and unfold.

Compared to the travel portable wheelchairs mentioned above, these wheelchairs are even more compact and lightweight. Though these wheelchairs are attractive for those who travel with their chairs, they may come with other limitations such as less weight capacity compared to heavy duty electric wheelchairs.

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