E-Wheels Accessories

E-Wheels offers several add-on accessories for riders to customize their mobility scooter or wheelchair. Many of these accessories help to improve your riding experience. Whether you wish to add an armrest bag for storage or need a ramp to make scooter transport easier, E-Wheels offers a wide selection of exceptional mobility scooter accessories.

E-Wheels Armrest Bags

While E-Wheels already offer exceptional mobility scooters with lots of storage space, some riders like the ability to add even more storage. Thus, E-Wheels offers a Standard Saddle Armrest Bag which attaches to the armrest of any E-Wheels scooter. The Saddle Armrest Bag is compatible with any E-Wheels scooter model.

If the Standard Saddle Armrest Bag does not offer enough storage, E-Wheels offers a larger option. The Large Saddle Armrest Bag features multiple pockets to store your belongings. Adding this large armrest bag to your scooter gives you easy access to your phone, wallet, and other important items. Additionally, it is made from a high-quality and durable material that holds up in bad weather too.

E-Wheels Oxygen Tank Holders

For many, carrying around their oxygen tank is essential for their health. Taking along your oxygen tank on your wheelchair or mobility scooter is easy when you add an E-Wheels Oxygen Tank Holder. This product attaches to the back of your wheelchair to safely hold your oxygen tank. It fully covers the tank using nylon material, so your tank stays safe in any weather conditions.

E-Wheels Travel Accessories

Taking your mobility scooter on the go keeps you independent and active. When riding your E-Wheels scooter in public, use an E-Wheels Flag to make yourself extra visible to traffic. Adding this flag to your E-Wheels mobility scooter is helpful in busy areas or at night. It never hurts to add an extra safety measure!

For frequent travelers, E-Wheels offers a helpful Manual Carrier that attaches to the back of your vehicle. If you plan on taking your scooter around a lot, this is an excellent investment!


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