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Go-Go Sport Mobility Scooter

When it comes to purchasing a 4-wheel scooter from Pride Mobility, the go-go sport is a perfect all-around option. For mobility scooter riders looking for a scooter that performs in several different categories, the Go-Go Sport Mobility Scooter is a great pick. With a 4.7mph top speed and range of 14.5 miles on a single charge, this is a perfect scooter for almost any usage.


  • Variety and Choice: This scooter comes in two attractive colors (blue or red). One unique thing about this scooter is that the color panels are interchangeable. Additional color panels are available for those looking for diversity in the appearance of their scooter!
  • Accessories: There are so many different accessories available for purchase to enhance the go-go sport mobility scooter. For example, add extra storage with the addition of a rear storage basket. For riders requiring an oxygen tank, a special oxygen tank holder is available to make riding with your medical equipment easy.
  • All-Around Option: The great thing about this scooter is that it is a great all-around option. Many scooters lead in one particular area (speed, turning radius, etc), but fall short in other important categories. The Go-Go Sport, across the board, is a quality and durable 4-wheeled scooter for the average rider.


  • Add-Ons: The accessories for this scooter, as mentioned above, are available for purchase at an additional cost. They do not come standard with the scooter purchase.
  • Price Point: For mobility scooter customers looking for the cheapest scooter on the market, this is not it. When compared with over 4-wheeled mobility scooters, this scooter’s price point is higher than some.
  • Assembly: There is light assembly required for this scooter, which may be an issue for some customers. We recommend a scooter with no assembly required if you do not have assistance from a friend, family member, or caregiver.

Go-Go Folding Mobility Scooter

This specially designed Go-Go scooter is a variation of the classic Go-Go sport mobility scooter mentioned above. This folding mobility scooter folds up quickly in just three steps, so you can travel with this scooter easily. When folded, this scooter is so compact that you can easily travel with it, which makes it an attractive choice for the traveling rider.


  • Easy Fold: The top feature of this scooter is really it’s folding capabilities. Once folded, it can store either upright or laid down. The easy-access levers allow for the rider to easily fold the scooter up in three short steps.
  • Lightweight: Compared to other mobility scooters on the market, this folding scooter is fairly lightweight. At approximately 75 pounds, including the battery, this is one of the lighter folding scooters on the market. This is another reason why this is an attractive scooter choice for frequent travelers.


  • Limited Features: With folding mobility scooters, there are limited additional features because they are designed to be simple, quick, and for travel. For those looking for all the bells and whistles, this scooter would not be suited for you.
  • Weight Capacity: This scooter has a weight capacity of 250 lbs, which is lower than many available mobility scooters.

Ultimate Mobility Scooter for Seniors: The Zero Turn 10 Scooter

One of Pride Mobility’s coolest available scooters is the Zero Turn 10 indoor/outdoor scooter. This scooter is the perfect scooter; with a modern and attractive design, powerful dual motors, and revolutionary patented technology, this scooter is at the top of its class.

  • This scooter is available in four different colors (Ocean Blue, Candy Apple Red, Pearl White, and Matte Black). The color options on the Zero Turn 10 are one of our favorite perks about this scooter because most mobility scooters do not come in so many color choices.
  • iTurn Technology- This technology is new and patented specifically to Pride Mobility, making it a clear reason to go with Pride mobility over other manufacturers. The technology gives you increased control and maneuverability of your mobility scooter, making it both easy and fun to ride. A scooter that is fun to ride will make your day-to-day mobility fun rather than a hassle.

The advantage of this technology is that it provides the turning radius and maneuverability you would get with a 3-wheel scooter, with the stability and durability of a 4-wheel scooter. The 43-inch turning radius is impressive!

  • Upgraded Seating- The zero turn 10 mobility scooter comes with a super top-tier seating. The deluxe 18-inch stadium seat on this scooter is designed for increased comfort. The seat is adjustable and allows for increased leg room, if needed.
  • This model is super cool in that it comes with a USB charging port on the main panel so you can charge your devices on-the-go.


  • This scooter comes with a variety of attractive features, but with that in mind, they certainly come at a price. For older riders or those who simply want a scooter to get around, the extra features and bells and whistles might simply be unnecessary in this scooter. It is important to consider your individual needs when it comes to extra mobility scooter features, like a USB charging port.
  • The price range of this new scooter is fairly high due to its patented technology and upgraded features.
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Pride Mobility Scooters History

Since 1986, Pride Mobility has made high-quality and affordable medical products. The company began in a small building in Pennsylvania creating lift chairs.

By 1992, Pride Mobility had expanded their product line to offer mobility scooters and continued to offer more and more medical products. Pride Mobility continues to innovate and lead the industry by creating and bettering their products regularly.

Pride Mobility’s company commitment is to “manufacture quality, technologically advanced mobility products for people with disabilities and mobility impairments”. Founded on five core values. Pride Mobility certainly takes pride in their products.

They seek to remain an innovator of new products and provide excellent and friendly customer service. In addition, they provide strong sales consultants, operational excellence, and high-quality digital marketing for their customers.

Pride Mobility is a comprehensive brand for mobility scooters. They offer various different types including 3-wheel, 4-wheel, compact/folding, travel, heavy-duty and everything in between. Pride Mobility is well known on the market for delivering reliable mobility scooter options with all-around high-quality construction.

Today, Pride Mobility’s corporate headquarters is in Exeter, Pennsylvania. Detailed warranty information is given for each mobility scooter model they offer. Their comprehensive website is great to learn answers to frequently asked questions and contact for additional support, if needed.

What sets Pride Mobility apart from other Manufacturers?

Unlike some newer manufacturers in the mobility scooter market, Pride Mobility has been around for over 30 years. We believe that what makes Pride Mobility a considerable choice is the ease-of-use of their products and their innovative features.

  1. Ease of Use: Pride Mobility designs their scooters to be some of the most easy-to-use mobility scooters available today. All of their options come with clearly marked controls that are easy to get a hang of within a couple of uses.
  2. Innovative Features: Pride Mobility’s patented technology is something to consider when looking at various manufacturers. They are a leading health product manufacturer for that reason; they innovate and continue to better the products they produce.