Folding Mobility Scooters

Most folding mobility scooters weigh less than 70 lbs, making them a clear option for those who need to travel frequently with their mobility scooter. You can bring them along no matter where your destination takes you, including on airplanes, cars, and bus transportation. Owning a foldable mobility scooter allows you to reclaim your freedom without feeling limited.

Due to the lightweight design of folding mobility scooters, they’re ideal for users looking to perform daily activities, such as grocery shopping or riding around an office building. Their lightweight design is optimal for indoor use, but they do not have the same stability to navigate rough or uneven terrains.

Therefore, folding scooters are best for indoor riders looking to navigate indoor spaces. Folding scooters come in various sizes, charge lengths, speeds, and types of folding.

Best-Selling Folding Mobility Scooters

Pride Mobility Go-Go Folding Mobility Scooter

This highly portable folding scooter weighs only 51 pounds! Its foldable dimensions make it super transportable. The Go-Go Folding Scooter can travel up to 4 mph, which is perfect for indoor spaces like malls or airports.

With a battery that will last up to 13 mph on a single charge, you won’t need to worry about running out of power on a day trip. The go-go folding scooter folds up in just three simple steps.

EV Rider Transport AF Plus Automatic Folding Scooter

This EV Rider Transport Automatic Folding Scooter is the perfect scooter option for those who want to fold and unfold their scooter quickly! Simply touch one control on the included handheld remote and watch this innovative scooter do the work for you!

With a total weight of 49 pounds, it’s perfect for travel. It is available in four slick color options, which include blue, copper, red, and silver.

Drive Medical ZooMe Flex Folding Travel Scooter

This folding travel scooter features four wheels, which provides some additional stability when compared to other folding scooters. The rear anti-slip wheels provide some extra stability too. This scooter is ideal for daily usage, as it can fold and unfold in one simple motion.

The easy operation delta tiller allows mobility scooter users to adjust the height and angle to their specific height. This scooter also features armrests with padded support cushions.

Golden Tech Buzzaround Carry On

This Golden Tech Buzzaround foldable scooter is one of the sportiest and most stylish foldable scooters around! At only a 12” height when folded, this scooter can fold up for transport almost instantly. This scooter features 4-point carry handles to make transporting the scooter even easier.

At a coverage of up to 18 mph on a single charge, this scooter is popular amongst those anticipating traveling long distances. The special features, like a water bottle holder and USB port, ensure you have everything you need to seize the day on your mobility scooter.

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