Supascoota Sprint Outdoor Travel Mobility Scooter

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  • Maximum Speed of 4 MPH
  • 12.4 Mile Travel Range
  • 275 Lbs. Weight Capacity
  • Breaks Apart and Folds Easily
  • Acute Turning Radius
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Supascoota Sprint Travel Mobility Scooter

The SupaScoota Sprint Travel Mobility Scooter can travel long distances both indoors and outdoors. This mid-line mobility scooter is most popular amongst everyday and traveling mobility scooter riders. This mobility scooter features a dual-motor drive and suspension, allowing it to effortlessly handle off-pavement use. Take this scooter on vacation or the grocery store; the choice is yours!

The simplistic design of the SupaScoota Sprint is well-loved amongst all types of mobility scooter riders. This scooter can reach a speed of up to 4 miles per hour, perfect to keep up with friends and family walking at normal pace. Take this scooter to the park or local trails by simply folding it down to fit in your trunk or back seat. Travel up to 12.5 miles per single charge and climb inclines up of to 9 degrees!

Unlike other travel mobility scooters, the Supascoota features maximum portability and superior ride quality. The modern design focuses on simplicity and elegance, without any heavy plastic that adds unnecessary scooter weight. The dynamic and electromagnetic braking technology allows this scooter to safely brake in a quick instant. 


Supascoota Sprint Features

ESC Speed Reduction System: This unique technology allows the Supascoota Sprint Mobility Scooter to automatically reduce the operating speed to a safer level while turning. This amazing safety feature is perfect to allow you to easily and safely maneuver your mobility scooter in tight or crowded spaces.

More Safety Features: In addition to the ESC Speed Reduction System, the Supascoota Sprint Mobility Scooter has even more safety features to offer. The optional omni-directional casters can be configured for any type of terrain or surface type. With a few quick adjustments, you can ride either indoors or outdoors safely without tipping over.

Safe Brakes: The dynamic and electromagnetic brakes confirm both the safety of mobility scooter riders and nearby pedestrians. The many safety features of the Supascoota Sprint indicate Supascoota’s excellent commitment to the creation of safe and easy to use mobility scooters.

Modern Australian Design: The Supascoota Sprint Mobility Scooter encompasses a sleek and modern design, created in Australia. The boldness and modern design of this scooter makes riding less of a chore and more of a treat!

Additional information

Weight 63 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 22 × 22 in




Number of Wheels

4 Wheels

Maximum Speed

4 Mph

Miles Per Charge


Warranty Length

1 Year Electric Components, 2 Year Frame, 6 Month Battery


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