Purchasing add-on accessories for your mobility scooter can help enhance your ride experience. There are a variety of mobility scooter accessories available to choose from, including holders, baskets, covers, canopies, and much more!

Adding accessories to your mobility scooter allows riders to personalize and customize their mobility scooter to fit their individual needs. You will be surprised just how many accessories are available!

What Accessories can you add to your Mobility Scooter?


Adding holders to your mobility scooter can help enhance your ride experience and make extra space to carry your belongings. There are a variety of different types of holders available, designed specifically to hold most-needed items.

Several different holders are available for electronic devices you may wish to carry along, such as cell phones and tablets. Cup holders are also available to store beverages while riding, such as water bottles or travel coffee mugs.

In addition, holders can be added for any necessary medical devices you may need. These include holders for walkers, canes, or oxygen tanks.

Scooter Baskets

When it comes to storage, you can never have too much! Many riders love adding scooter baskets to their mobility scooter, both in the front and rear. Purchasing add-on scooter baskets is perfect for riders who like to take their scooters along while shopping. Some mobility scooter riders even use their storage baskets to add decorations such as flower arrangements to jazz up their scooter!

Covers & Canopies

Mobility scooters are a wise investment for those in need of long-term mobility assistance. Therefore, it is critical to properly protect and preserve your mobility scooter.

A variety of covers and canopies are available to help protect your scooter from dust, debris, and weather-related damages. No matter where you plan to store your scooter, purchasing a protective canopy or cover can help ensure your scooter stays in tip-top shape for many years to come.

Packs & Pouches

Packs and pouches can also be added to hang in the back of your scooter’s seat or along the armrests. This is a great way to add some additional storage space to your scooter!

Pouches are easily accessible while riding, so you can quickly access things like your wallet, keys, glasses. Many mobility scooter riders love adding pouches to their mobility scooter so they have easy access to important items.

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