Mobility Scooter Batteries

When to Charge Mobility Scooter Batteries

Scooters Buy customers frequently ask us how often they should charge their mobility scooter batteries. We recommend charging your scooter batteries once daily. Daily charging provides the best longevity and wear. Scooter batteries are safe to charge overnight, which is often the best time for most users. When you wake up, your scooter will be ready to use!

Most mobility scooter batteries today have automatic shut-off capabilities. This means you cannot overcharge your scooter battery.

Voltages of Mobility Scooter Batteries

All mobility scooters use 12V batteries. Most mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs will require two, 12V batteries. In total, you’ll have a 24v connection. As a rule of thumb, always start by reading the battery instructions. Follow the details provided by your scooter’s manufacturer for the best results. This will ensure you use the proper type of batteries for your scooter and keep your manufacturer warranty valid.

Types of Mobility Scooter Batteries

SLA Mobility Scooter Batteries

SLA stands for sealed lead acid. This common type of mobility scooter battery offers an affordable and durable choice. Many of the most common heavy-duty mobility scooters use SLA batteries.

If you have a lightweight, portable, or travel-friendly scooter, SLA batteries may not be the best for you. They have significant weight to them. However, for heavy-duty or standard scooters, SLA batteries are a great choice.

BatteryGuy offers many SLA batteries for the most popular mobility scooters. Have an E-wheels scooter? We offer BatteryGuy batteries for the EWheels EW-18, EWheels EW,54, and more!

Gel Mobility Scooter Batteries

Another popular type of mobility scooter batteries are gel-type batteries. Gel batteries are best for daily mobility scooter users. They also work well for airplane travel and portable mobility scooters. In addition, gel batteries require little-to-no maintenance.

MightyMax offers many high-quality and affordable gel mobility scooter batteries. For example, this Mighty Max E-Wheels EW-36 Gel Battery offers a true deep cycle battery that is made to last. In addition, Mighty Max offers many gel batteries that are compatible with many common mobility scooter models.

AGM Mobility Scooter Batteries

Another type of mobility scooter batteries are AGM scooter batteries. Absorbent glass mat, or AGM, scooter batteries are known for their fast charging. Also, this is the most popular type of batteries found on electric mobility scooters.  This is named given the fiberglass that is used within the battery.  Additionally, AGM scooter batteries are generally affordable and offer a powerful charge.

For example, these Universal Power EW-72 batteries feature absorbent glass mat technology.

Lithium-Ion Mobility Scooter Batteries

Last but not least, mobility scooter batteries also come in a lithium-ion form. While they come at a higher cost, they are known for their longevity and durability. Compared to the other types of mobility scooter batteries mentioned above, Lithium-Ion mobility scooter batteries offer a longer charging range (per single charge).

Another great thing about Lithium-Ion batteries is they’re safe for airplane travel. In addition, they’re not too heavy in weight. This means they can be used on any type of mobility scooter (heavy-duty, travel, portable, etc). Shoppers who are concerned with an eco-friendly purchase also prefer Lithium-Ion batteries as they are easily recyclable.

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