Hippocampe All-Terrain High Performance Wheelchair

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  • Collapsible, lightweight and non-bulky
  • Accessibility to difficult terrains
  • Usable on the beach and on the snow
  • Weight: 37.5 Lbs.
  • Undergone stringent safety and resistance testing
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All-Terrain High Performance Wheelchair

Discover Vipamat Hippocampe, the leisure wheelchair that lets you enjoy the outdoor sports activities to the fullest, whatever the season. With Hippocampe, you can cross the sand, get over any obstacles and go right into the sea. And Hippocampe floats while you have a swim. Designed by a team of specialist paramedics and tested and approved by people with restricted mobility, Hippocampe adapts itself to each person‛s specific needs and requirements. Sturdy, reliable and safe, you can place complete trust in it. Enjoy simple pleasures with family or friends: strolls along coastal tracks, in the woods or in the mountains. Share exciting moments and create memories with the people you love.

Whether on your own or accompanied, Hippocampe adapts itself to your needs: a push bar, armrests, headrest or harness are available. Hippocampe has undergone stringent testing to ensure full compliance with safety standards (NF, CE): conformity,resistance tests, endurance tests, etc. Well designed yet recreational, Hippocampe perfectly fits into the holiday environment. Collapsible, lightweight and non-bulky, you can take it anywhere.Its new look and eye-catching silhouette make it the ideal accessory for the more restfully inclined to enjoy an outdoor life whilst the more energetic can enjoy the thrills of water sports. 

All-Terrain Wheelchair Features

All terrain: Since 2002, the Hippocampe wheelchair offers individuals with disabilities accessibility to difficult terrains, impossible in a standard wheelchair: beach, sand, swimming area, hiking trails, snow, mountain. Sturdy and reliable, it has undergone stringent safety and resistance testing.

On your own or accompanied: Towed, pushed or self-propelled, the Hippocampe chair offers autonomy to its user, a third party can assist the more heavily handicapped with its push bar or traction kit.

Comfortable: The seat is composed of a thick and hydrophobic foam that does not absorb water and dries quickly. The blue and pink sheathed tubes are comfortable to the touch and do not heat up in the sun. 

Revolutionary: The Hippocampe all-terrain beach chair is recognized all around the world. Its first goal is to make the beach and water-related activities accessible. It allows users to enter in water and it floats on its own while its user swims. Today it equips more than 200 beaches in France and abroad. If you want, you can use low pressure balloon wheels at the beach (as an option).

Design and adaptable: Its youthful look and modern silhouette make it your ideal companion. The Hippocampe wheelchair has received numerous awards for its design. It is just at usable on the beach as on the snow, and can be transformed into a ski chair thanks to its front and rear ski kits (as an option).

Lightweight, collapsible, and easily transportable: Its small size, fold-down backrest, removable push bar and wheels (in less than a minute) and its weight of 17 kg (37.5 lb.) make it easily transportable and convenient to store in your home or in its transport bag (as an option).

Additional information

Weight 37.5 lbs

Blue, Pink



Number of Wheels

3 Wheels

1 review for Hippocampe All-Terrain High Performance Wheelchair

  1. Ray

    If you are into outdoor things such as camping and snow sledding and you have a disability, this wheelchair is very helpful. I was hesitant about the price but it has turned out to make a huge difference in my life.

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