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Does Health Insurance Cover Mobility Scooters?

Purchasing a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair can make a massive difference in the quality of life for people with limited mobility. For many, mobility devices allow them to regain independence and stay involved in the activities they love. 

If you or a loved one needs a mobility scooter, you may have wondered if your health insurance will cover the purchase. In this article, we’ll explore the answers to the most common questions about using health insurance benefits to pay for mobility devices.

Will Medical Insurance Cover Mobility Scooters?

Medical insurance can cover the purchase of a mobility scooter, but only under certain conditions. Specific coverage will vary depending on the type of health insurance coverage and the patient’s documented medical conditions. The coverage will also depend on a patient’s physical condition and current mobility limitations.

For families who cannot afford to get their loved ones the mobility devices they need, there are programs available to help with financial assistance. Always check with your specific health insurance company to learn more about specific benefits for mobility scooter purchases. Not only will each provider have specific benefit coverage rules, but they may only cover certain makes and models of mobility devices.

Medicare and Mobility Devices

Many older adults have Medicare, a government health insurance for people ages 65 and up. Medicare can also cover younger patients who have a disability. Under Medicare, seniors must have a written prescription from their doctor that documents their need for a mobility scooter. Before shopping for a mobility device, it’s important to review all of the qualifications and necessary steps.

Medicare’s Wheelchair & Scooter Benefit

As of June 2022, Medicare’s Wheelchair & Scooter Benefit can be used to help assist with the costs of purchasing a mobility scooter, walker, or wheelchair. However, several criteria must be met before insurance will provide benefits. Furthermore, where you purchase the scooter also will be limited based on Medicare coverage. Most mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs that are purchased online are not eligible to use Medicare coverage.

The Reality of Using Health Insurance to Pay For Mobility Scooters

The process of getting approved for a mobility scooter benefit can often be lengthy. If you or your loved one needs a mobility scooter right away, this can pose a challenge. To get approved for scooter benefits, you may need to complete lots of paperwork and wait for the approval.

If you know you want to use insurance coverage to help pay for a mobility device, start early. Be prepared to wait several months to go through the approval process. Due to the lengthy and difficult process involved with approval, many families choose to purchase a mobility scooter out-of-pocket. Luckily, many affordable mobility scooters and electric wheelchair devices have recently become available on the market.

Paying for a Mobility Scooter

If you’re not able to wait several months to wait for health insurance approval, there are other options to help you pay for a necessary mobility scooter.

At ScootersBuy, we offer top mobility scooter models at unbeatable prices. Some customers also purchase through payment plans or hassle-free financing options, making it feasible to pay off their mobility scooter over time.

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